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Native tree nursery

Global warming is the world’s currently biggest climate problem hence a joint venture task force to fight against it is highly needed, one of the measures to mitigate climate change is planting trees as much as we can in our surroundings.

The slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro are one of the high populated areas in Tanzania and deforestation is the major environmental problem around these areas. Human activities  like farming, construction, charcoal and fire wood activities and other harmful activities around this area has made most of the indigenous trees around the area to disappear. Mkuu Cultural Tourism Programme aims at raising more than 1 million seedlings per year so as to replace the rate of deforestation in Mount Kilimanjaro forest and community areas to mitigate the climate change impacts including the melting of the ice at the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Due to these harmful human activities around these areas most of the rivers dried up.  Currently we organize and mobilize youth in groups to take fully participation in this campaign.  We highly appreciate and welcome all good will ambassadors to be the part of our campaign of making the world a better place to stay.