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A Visit to Lake Chala

A beautiful dawn wrapped caldera lake bordering Tanzania and Kenya nestled on the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, 25 Kilometers from our village. We will take you to this beautiful Savannah area to learn more about Chagga legends around this area. Moreover this place is the home for number of bird’s species including: white billed go-away, crested francolin, black-faced sandgrouse, and helmeted guineafowl. Ground hornbill, mouse birds additionaly lake Chala is  also a home for  primates like Blue monkeys which resides at  the ground lake forest, baboons, velvet monkeys. Lake Chala is surrounded with different native tree species including: Marula trees Sclerocarya birrea. At Lake Chala with a single step of your feet you will touch Kenyan soil at a time, thus get a chance of touching both Tanzanian and Kenyan soil at once. Also you can taste its water which ranges in color from deep blue to green depending on the time of year swimming  and Kayaking are both possible at this place.