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Village museum

Chagga cultural heritage and beliefs like taboos and rituals, cultural objects and traditional music face serious challenges and threats including vandalism, modernity and ignorance hence serious measures are to be taken to rescue the situation.

The project aims to preserve the Chagga cultural heritage starting from the taboos, rituals, traditional music and dances, also we aim to collect all tangible objects and preserve them in our community museum for the present and future generations. This projects aims at maintaining the cultural ties and backgrounds among Chagga community despites the globalization’s threat and challenges.

Currently we are working to have better museum building. On the other hand we are now collaborating with the locals in collecting objects, artifacts and documenting them. So far we managed to collect more than 150 valuable cultural objects and some even dated back as 16th Century according to the owner’s explanations. Object collected include: wooden bowls and trays, pounding mortars, carved wooden containers and Chagga Shield. We even managed to collect spears and arrows which were used in ethnic wars of expansionism. The doors are open to anyone who is interested in cultural preservation to join us.