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Who are we?

Mkuu Cultural Tourism Programme is an Enterprise established by the youth residences of Mkuu Rombo Kilimanjaro Tanzania. These are the sons of the area they perfectly know the place, its historical background, cultural and natural heritages resources. With their experience and being the part of the community Mkuu Cultural Tourism Coordinators will provide visitors with a real touch of local life and unforgettable cultural adventure experience by sharing Chagga heritage resources while the locals directly benefit from the activities.

The Mkuu Cultural Tourism is friendly enterprise aimed to preserve cultural and natural heritage resources while satisfying both international and domestic visitors with unforgettable and unique experience of the local Chagga’s lifestyle and taboos. The progamme also aims unlocking pro-poor tourism of the area to benefiting the host community.

The Mkuu Cultural Tourism Enterprises is recognized and registered by the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) which is the public governance for all cultural tourism programme in Tanzania. Therefore our programme follows and adhered all principles and guideline set by Tanzania Tourists Board for Cultural Tourism Programmes.

We conduct sustainable tourism Sustainable tourism is one of the key principles of Cultural Tourism Programme. With this respect Mkuu Cultural Tourism practice nothing but the tourism which respect and protect environment, cultural and provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts. With this kind of tourism Mkuu Cultural Tourism provide direct financial benefits for both conservation and empowerment for local people.

Therefore; using our services tourists create living to number of people including the guides, contact persons such as farmers, storytellers, local food cooks, and local brews makers. On the other hand when buying local products and contribute to small development fees then visitors leave the footprints to the locals. The community uses this money to support their daily life and help to conserve the area’s cultural and natural resources

Area of operation

We conduct our activities at Mkuu and the nearest villages such as Mashati, Mamsera, lake Challa and Mount Kilimanjaro rainforest in Rombo district, Kilimanjaro.

Where to stay

There are home stays around the village, camping in the village is allowed in designed areas while camping gears can be hired from Moshi at affordable price, also there are several lodges around the village and luxury Campsite in lake Challa with extra adventure activities. We organize accommodation for our visitors on request.

Getting there

Mkuu Cultural Tourism office is located 139 kilometers from Arusha, 101 from Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), 60 kilometers from Moshi and 25 Kilometers from Lake Challa Campsite, Our office located at the junction road to Rombo district headquarter and Tarakea,


Our village is easily accessible through private and hired cars also daily public buses from Moshi stands bus to Mkuu Rombo which is 61 Km. Depends on the traffic but it takes 45minutes to 1 hour to reach there from Moshi town by public transport.